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Goose or Duck Down/ Feather Duvet – Most Luxury Hotel Duvet

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  • Inserts' Materials:: Goose Down/ Feather or Duck Down/ Feather
  • Cover's Materials:: 100% Cotton 233TC Featherproof Fabric
  • Customized Service:: Yes. Size/ Packing/ Label etc.
  • Standard Size:: Single/ Double/ Queen/ King/ Super King
  • Color:: White or Customized
  • MOQ:: 100 sets
  • Certification:: Bci, GRS, GOTS, Rws, rds, ISO9001, BV, OKEO-TEX100
  • Can OEM Customization:: Yes
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    Sanhoo 5 star hotel-grade goose or duck down duvets, where luxury and comfort go hand in hand. We understand the importance of providing guests with the ultimate sleep experience, and our duvets are crafted to provide just that. When it comes to choosing a duvet, nothing compares to the exceptional quality of goose or duck down. These natural insulators are renowned for their incredible softness and warmth, making them ideal for creating a cozy haven for your hotel guests. Our duvets are filled with premium-grade goose or duck down, carefully selected for its loft, softness, and ability to trap heat effectively.

    One of the standout features of our goose or duck down duvets is their remarkable ability to regulate temperature. The down clusters naturally adjust to the body's heat, creating a comfortable microclimate throughout the night. This ensures that your guests stay warm in colder months and cool during warmer seasons, promoting uninterrupted sleep and optimal comfort. In addition to their exceptional insulation properties, our duvets offer an unmatched lightweight feel. The plush down fillings provide a cocoon-like sensation, while the duvet's lightweight construction prevents any unpleasant heaviness or discomfort. This creates a sense of effortless weightlessness, allowing your guests to drift into a deep and restful slumber.

    We understand the importance of maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in your hotel. All our goose or duck down duvets undergo rigorous cleaning and sterilization processes to ensure they are free from allergens and mites. This makes them a suitable choice for guests with allergies or sensitivities, providing a safe and healthy sleeping environment. Sanhoo goose or duck down duvets are encased in premium-quality, breathable cotton covers that are soft to the touch. The covers are woven to be durable, further enhancing the longevity of the duvets. The baffle box construction keeps the down evenly distributed, preventing any clumping and ensuring consistent warmth and comfort.

    Offer your guests the luxurious experience they deserve with our premium goose or duck down duvets. With their exceptional warmth, lightweight feel, and superior quality, our duvets will create a haven of comfort and relaxation in every hotel room. Elevate the standards of your hotel by choosing our goose or duck down duvets, where luxury and comfort meet to create an unforgettable sleep experience

    Bolster Pillows

    01 Best Kind Materials for inserts

    * Natural goose or duck down/ feather

    02 High quality fabric for the cover

    * 100% cotton featherproof fabric or brushed microfiber fabric

    Pillow Cushion

    03 OEM Customization

    * Customize for all kinds details such as filling materies g/sm, down filling percentage, etc
    * Support to help clients to support their brand reputation.
    * Your needs will always be answered for.

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