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What are the Advantages of SANHOO Hotel Linen ?

Guestroom linen is a very important part of hotel services. A good bedding can not only improve the comfort of the hotel, but also create a better brand image and attract more guests to stay. To this end, SANHOO have specially launched a new hotel bedding product, with different quality and different patterns, which can accept small batch customization and support samples, so that you can better understand our products and use them with more confidence.

Our bedding is made of high-quality pure cotton fabric, soft and breathable, skin-friendly and comfortable. Advanced weaving technology is adopted to ensure that the bed products are bright in color, clear in pattern, and not easy to fade, deform and other problems. At the same time, the bedding also has good durability performance, can withstand high-intensity use and washing, and is more economical and practical.

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The hotel linen products made by SANHOO are divided into a variety of different patterns and qualities to meet the needs of different hotels. Among them, the high-end series is made of pure cotton satin 400TC to 600TC, which is soft and comfortable to the touch, with exquisite and atmospheric patterns. The mid-range series is mainly made of pure cotton four-piece style 250TC to 400TC, with bright colors and flexible patterns, which is very suitable for mid-range hotels. The economical series 180TC to 250TC is suitable for low-priced accommodation places such as laundries and guest houses. Although the price is low, the workmanship and quality of the bedding still meet the standard.

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SANHOO supports small batch customization on hotel linen products. We provide a variety of fabrics, qualities, and patterns to meet the needs of different hotels and customer groups, and effectively promote the differentiation of brands and services. At the same time, we also support taking samples to let customers know more about our products so that they can make more informed choices. In short, our new hotel bedding products have the advantages of different quality, different patterns, and can be customized in small batches, allowing you to choose and use more flexibly. We believe that our products will add comfort and high-quality brand image to your hotel service.

Post time: May-18-2023